Stewardship Drive

Dear Members and Friends,

We write during a year at our Fellowship unlike any other. In the midst of an innovative transitional consulting senior ministry arrangement, our talented staff and volunteers have made sure that the services and programs we appreciate are happening as usual. Our social justice work, religious education classes, Journey Groups, Wellspring programs and new member welcoming ceremonies continue to keep the Fellowship vibrant and alive. The uncertainty about our second year of interim ministry is now resolved, with the mutual decision that Rev. Kathleen will be with us full time next year. The search for our Fellowship’s new settled senior minister will move into high gear with the election of a search committee at the annual meeting in June. As we enter into search and the calling of a new senior minister in the spring of 2017, we are asking for your commitment to its success through your support – both financially and with your participation.

With all these changes underway, our stewardship campaign aims to keep it simple. The three financial goals that were set last year were multiple-year goals. We re-affirm them. As in any other year, if we act together—all for one and one for all—we can achieve our goals. Acting together means striving to achieve a target for individual giving that will support us today and ensure a vibrant future. That target is five percent of personal or family income or, if that is out of reach, at least a five percent increase in your giving. As you will see in the enclosed brochure, the three symbolic numbers 3 – 4 – 5 will help us realize a successful stewardship campaign this year and move us forward into our future. Our campaign won’t succeed without your commitment!

Since your ministers would never ask you to do anything we are unwilling to do ourselves, we are all increasing our financial support of the Fellowship. Rev. Kathleen and Rev. Wayne will be pledging five percent of the senior minister’s paycheck. In these six months, the Fellowship’s vision for its future has captured their imaginations and they are thrilled to help bring that vision to reality! Rev. Leah and her family are proud to give away ten percent of their income. They believe strongly in the Fellowship—its present and future!—and have committed to raising Rev. Leah’s pledge to the Fellowship by five percent this year.

Thank you for the many gifts you share with the Fellowship. Now we need your fiscal generosity as well. Please consider moving toward five percent of your income or a five percent increase in your pledge, as your ministers have.

Thank you for your support of the Fellowship.

Faithfully yours,

Kathleen                                                 Wayne                                                        Leah
Rev. Kathleen Rolenz                           Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason                       Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg
Transitional Consulting Minister      Transitional Consulting Minister        Associate Minister








































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