Wellspring Wednesday Program



Appleton Wellspring Wednesday: Coming of Age for Adults

We strive to offer meaningful programming to enrich the lives of our adult members, friends and the wider community. This helps make our Fellowship the vibrant, welcoming place that it is for pursuing spiritual growth.

Our Wellspring Wednesday Program  has both an adult program and a children’s program. Program information will be  available in the Order of Service and weekly newsletter email.

Second Wednesday of the Month, September through May

6:30—8:00 p.m. Adult and Children’s Concurrent Programs Unless Otherwise Noted

Many of us wish we could have gone through the Coming of Age program like our high school youth do. While the time as a teenager to consider these questions is very important, they never stop being questions we can consider. While attending the entire year will be most beneficial, people can attend any they want to, as they each stand alone. Sign up at the Sign Up Spot or by emailing cyndi@fvuuf.org.

September: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Spiritual Autobiographies and Growing in Mind and Spirit with Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy: In addition to sharing our spiritual autobiographies with each other, we will dig deeper into our mission statement into the second part of our mission statement: We will actively strive to live our best, most meaningful lives through personal spiritual practice and involvement in congregational life. We will be a community that fosters intellectual curiosity and nurtures the spirit among people of all ages.

October: Call with Rev. Jim Coakley: Have you ever felt called to do something? What was that experience like for you? What or who was doing the calling? Does that relate to the work you do? Do you feel like you have a vocation? If so, what is it, and if not, what questions or thoughts do you have about that?

November: God/Goddess/Transcendent Mystery/Truth with Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy: Do you have a name for what is bigger than yourself? How has that evolved in your life?

January: Life, Death and the Afterlife with Rev. Karon Sandberg: How has your experience of death shaped your life? What do you believe happens in death?

February: Good and Evil with Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg: What does evil mean to you? Do you believe that evil exists? Do humans have an  inherent nature when it comes to good or evil? Does evil and suffering have a purpose? How can we appreciate both in ourselves? Universalism!

March: Gender and Sexuality Spectrums with Shannon Kenevan. Shannon has worked with Voices of Men, and Harmony Café, which focused on being a welcoming space for all.

April: Leading in Social Justice with Marsha Dawson: We will consider the last part of our mission statement: We will have the courage to act, both individually and collectively, to build a more just and equitable world. We will have the wisdom to know when to lead, and when to follow the lead of others.

May: Welcoming Everyone with Marie Luna:  The focus will be on the first part of our mission statement: We will engage deeply in the challenging work of examining our own assumptions, biases and privilege. We will reach out to each other and the wider, borderless community with radical kindness and hospitality.

May 19: Final Retreat with Mark Walker: Living your Faith Out Loud and Writing Credo Statement. Mark has been a leader of the youth Coming of Age for many years and will lead us in a day of conversation and   activities, culminating in time spent writing our own credo statement.