by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy
Reflection by Leah Thibodeau

Our first UU principle says that we honor the inherent worth and dignity of all people. Let’s talk about that word, “inherent,” and what it means for this principle which is easy to say and hard to live. A special guest from World Relief will join us to share how they used our Greater Good gift from last year’s holiday season.

Life, Death, and Gifts

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Planning for the end of life is not exciting, but it can be incredibly loving and freeing. Sharing your wishes with others is your final gift. Come think about these wishes and plan for these conversations with family (as we perhaps prepare for family gatherings over the holidays). After the second service our Planned Giving Committee is hosting an educational session about the various ways to prepare your wishes and legacy for the future.

Emergency: This is Only a Drill

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

This Sunday as we turn our clocks back, replace our smoke detector batteries, and have a practice fire-drill at the Fellowship, let’s talk about what it means to prepare spiritually before you’re in a moment of crisis. Whether the coming election goes the way you hope, or not, what spiritual resources do we have to weather the future?

Connected to All

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy
with Brian Murton, Worship Leader

Did you know that you are older than the stars? That’s right! The things that make up our bodies were forged in the Big Bang, and connect us to everything in the cosmos. Come for an all ages celebration of wonder, interconnection, and remembering who we truly are.

Story: “Older than the Stars” by Karen C. Fox, illustrated by Nancy Davis, read by Brian Murton and Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Reflection by Brian Murton

Honoring Our Ancestors

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Honoring ancestors is an important part of many cultures, and one that dominant western (white) culture has lost touch with, especially with emphasis on individualism and autonomy. But, physically and spiritually we did not create ourselves and we can give thanks for the people who came before us, whether or not we know their names. We will also be considering the Iroquois philosophy of the 7th generation, remembering that we are not the end of the line.

May Your Life Be As A Song

by Rev. Jim Coakley

Music can help support a life of principled faith. The words of the short hymn with the same title (#1059) by Jim Scott encourage us to leverage the timelessness of music to sustain the hope of our faith.

Principles, Promises, and Participation

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

We are a faith not focused on beliefs, but instead on our covenant which is stated in our 7 Principles. We are, then, a Principled Faith. Unitarian Universalism focuses on action, and the promises we make through our principles which will, inevitably, be broken. How do we return again when our actions don’t live up to our principles?

Belonging, Community, and the Importance of Place

by Marie Luna, Director of Congregational Life How does one find place? While living in many homes throughout Wisconsin, what has tied them together for me? I have realized it is a rather simple thing that helps me find my place, and I look forward to exploring this theme with worship leader and my co-parent,…

Where Do We Come From?

“Make the Circle Bigger” written and performed by Taizan Alford
Reflection by David Velguth
Message by Marti Wheeler and Terry Dawson

From the beginning the Fellowship’s mission has included “welcoming.” Over the years we’ve used good process to strive to be welcoming to all who enter our doors. We’ll take a look at our history and how it shapes who we are and informs where we’re going. Marti Wheeler, Terry Dawson, Theresa Hannah and Merry Schoenfeld spent time last winter reviewing and cleaning Fellowship archive records and will share some information about the Fellowship’s history.

Question Box 2018

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Do you have a question for Rev. Christina? Something small, or grand, or in between? Come submit your questions and she will do her best to answer as many as possible this morning, or your question might find its way into a future sermon!