A Service for All Ages Mingling of the Waters 2016

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz and Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg The Mingling of the Waters Service is an annual tradition at the Fellowship. Bring water from a special place you’ve been this summer (including from your own backyard!) and we’ll combine it into a common bowl as a way to symbolize how our many streams combine to meet…

Pickup Trucks and Priuses: Are we truly all welcome?

by Marie Blohowiak

While our mission statement states that we welcome everyone, does that really mean everyone? What if someone doesn’t listen to NPR? Or hunts? Or is Republican? As Congregational Life Coordinator, I want to believe that everyone who walks in the door will feel comfortable being their true self, and not have to hide any part of them. What are the ways we don’t realize we are making people uncomfortable?

Living in the ‘What If’?

by Dee Verkuilen

What if we lived life in “what ifs” (present and future)? Two words that have the potential to nudge, if not push, you from your comfort zone? Going beyond just a thought to entertain, and moving toward words and actions. Let’s explore some “what ifs”.

Living Our Covenant

by Jim Coakley

Our covenant based faith asks us to radically uphold the inherent worth and dignity of everyone. How can our congregation live up to such a lofty goal?

This I Believe (July 2016)

by Parnee Frederick, Nate Tapio, Jenna Peeples and Bill Carlson

As you come into the sanctuary, you may sit next to friends or complete strangers. Ever wonder what brought them here? Each year a panel of diverse persons—some of whom you may have met, and some not at all–give us intriguing glimpses into their spiritual journeys in the “This I Believe Service.”

Inherit Worth And Dignity: Does This Apply to the Election?

by Rev. Karon Sandberg

As the presidential campaign swells this season we are looking at Trump and Clinton. How do we embrace “the other” with inherit worth and dignity that we as Unitarian Universalists are called to do? Yes, you read that right, you ARE called to do this! Join me in this challenging and important conversation that weaves our principles into opening up with compassion and intention to those who may seem in opposition to our own ideals.

The Art of Improvisation

by Jay Thomas with Dan Van Sickle

Our transitional minister, Wayne Arnason, delivered a sermon in April on life as improvisation in which he discussed parallels between life and jazz improvisation. By exploring the nature of music improvisation in general, the Fellowship Music Director, Jay Thomas, will look to embellish upon those parallels.

Bridging Ceremony 2016

Join us to honor our graduating high school seniors! We will ritualize their major life transition with a bridging ceremony and hear from them about their future plans and where they are in their spiritual journeys.

Our bridging seniors are Abbey Boushele-Walter, Kagan Govek, Adrienne Hagen, Reilly Klatt, Colby Jenn, and Basil Van Deusen.

Blessing the Future

by Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason

It’s more and more clear to me that the future is hard to imagine, let alone predict. How then, do you bless the world as you pass through it? Is the world that the millennial generation will experience in the late 21st century one that even the millennials have a hard time picturing? Is there anything the older generations have learned that can be passed on to youth, or is that a fruitless hope? Don’t they just have to figure it all out for themselves?