Upcoming Services

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Program Year Services are held on Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45 am.

October 7 Honoring Our Ancestors 
by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy
Honoring ancestors is an important part of many cultures, and one that dominant western culture has lost touch with, especially with emphasis on individualism and autonomy. But we did not create ourselves and we can give thanks for the people who came before us, whether or not we know their names. We will also be considering the Iroquois philosophy of the 7th generation, remembering that we are not the end of the line. If you have pictures or mementos of any ancestors (familial or otherwise) you would like to honor at our altar table, please bring them this Sunday. You will bring them home after the service.

October 14 Intertwined Together by John Newhall, Fellowship Member
The interconnected web of all existence includes our human interconnection. Together we will explore and live into togetherness.

October 21 Partnership with a Capital P by Rev. Jennifer Emrich from the UU Partner Church Council
Partnership –equal partnership– is a rare thing in our lives. This is what makes it such a gift. Join our guest minister for an exploration of why and how partnership enriches our lives, and how Partnership (international Partnership with Unitarians and Universalists around the world) enriches our congregations, leads us to health and wholeness, and offers us strategies for moving joyfully through and with our ever diversifying communities and families.

October 28 Connected to All by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy
Did you know that you are older than the stars? That’s right! The things that make up our bodies were forged in the Big Bang, and connect us to everything in the cosmos. Come for an all ages celebration of wonder, interconnection, and remembering who we truly are. Nursery care will be available for children ages 4 and under.