Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Honoring Our Ancestors

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Honoring ancestors is an important part of many cultures, and one that dominant western (white) culture has lost touch with, especially with emphasis on individualism and autonomy. But, physically and spiritually we did not create ourselves and we can give thanks for the people who came before us, whether or not we know their names. We will also be considering the Iroquois philosophy of the 7th generation, remembering that we are not the end of the line.

Principles, Promises, and Participation

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

We are a faith not focused on beliefs, but instead on our covenant which is stated in our 7 Principles. We are, then, a Principled Faith. Unitarian Universalism focuses on action, and the promises we make through our principles which will, inevitably, be broken. How do we return again when our actions don’t live up to our principles?

Question Box 2018

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Do you have a question for Rev. Christina? Something small, or grand, or in between? Come submit your questions and she will do her best to answer as many as possible this morning, or your question might find its way into a future sermon!

Leap of Faith

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Rev. Christina will share with us the sermon that she preached when the Ministerial Search Committee first interviewed her over a year ago. Learn how a single flying trapeze class informed her understanding of our Unitarian Universalist faith and ministry.

Flower Communion 2018

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy
with Kim Hartman, Director of Religious Education

Bring a flower (or several) to share, as we celebrate our annual Unitarian Universalist tradition of Flower Communion, and learn more about the powerful history of this festival of diversity.

Expect the Unexpected

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy This Easter falls on April Fool’s Day, so let’s contemplate the power of “the unexpected,” and how we can use the surprising messages of Easter in our own lives.

Fellowship of Our Dreams

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Join us for a fun and meaningful all-ages service! Using the story of the Big Orange Splot, we will explore our individual and collective visions for the future of the Fellowship, and what happens when our intentions and dreams get foiled by others! There will be an exciting surprise… Don’t miss it!

Darwin Sunday: Demotion from the Center of the Universe

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

February 12th is the 209th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, and today we celebrate the legacy he contributed to– demoting humanity from the center of the universe! People have lamented that demotion (and others) for centuries. Come find out why it’s a wonderful thing!

What Would Francis David Do?

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

WWFDD? What would Francis David do? This Sunday we’ll celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda– the Transylvanian law of toleration that was enacted by the Unitarian King John Sigismund, inspired by his court preacher the Unitarian Francis David. The law, passed in 1568.

What Does Your Soul Magnify?

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy
with a reflection by Leah Thibodeau, Worship Leader

Magnificat – This song in the Christian Bible is from Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she contemplates her pregnancy and the child she will bring into the world. Hers is a song of hope. What hope can we find in this season?