Welcome to the Fellowship


I am delighted that you are checking out the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship!

For us, being a spiritual community means that we are committed to a wide and deep search for meaning. We encourage you to join us in whatever ways might feel right in your own life. In Unitarian Universalism, we find that making sense of life and Spirit, god and humanity happens best and most fully when we are surrounded by other seekers. At the Fellowship, challenge each other to translate what we believe into words and deeds that build a better world.

In our larger culture, there are countless walls that routinely and tragically divide and diminish people. At the Fellowship, we welcome you for who you are. We celebrate a diversity of genders, ethnicities, races, economic statuses, sexual orientations, ages, abilities/disabilities, politics and spiritual beliefs. We lift up the inherent dignity and worth of every individual, as well as the underlying humanity that ties us together.

So, come as you are! Everyone is welcome to consider becoming part of our Fellowship. You will find acceptance here. And come in search of who you want to be!  You will find support for this endeavor, too.  In fact, you will find a Fellowship that just might change your life!

Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

Associate Minister


Welcome from Marie Luna, Congregational Life Coordinator

Welcome to the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship! We welcome seekers from all spiritual paths and life experiences. You will find a lot of information about us on this website, but the best way to see what we are about is by attending a service. I am also available to meet with you to help you learn more about the Fellowship and Unitarian Universalism. If you would like to meet before or after a service, I am happy to do so. Contact me at marie@fvuuf.org or 920-731-0849 to set up a time. Thanks and I hope to meet you soon!

Our Mission Statement is

Welcoming everyone

Growing in mind and spirit

Leading in social justice

If you are looking for a faith community that helps you grow spiritually and a place where you can create meaningful friendships, you have found it!

Come As You Are
Please feel free to come as you are most comfortable. Some people come each week dressed up while others are very casual. This “come as you are” atmosphere extends beyond mere clothing, as we welcome all seekers.

Parking is in the lot in front of our building. There is additional parking in the lot next to ours behind the office building and on the street. There are designated spaces for those people who are less mobile near our side entrance as well as for first time guests.

There are handicap accessible doors in the main doors in the front of the building. There are no steps in the building, and all areas are accessible within the building. There is also a t-loop system,  assistive listening devices and large print hymnals available.

Prior to Service
People typically arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the services. People gather in the lobby and Fellowship Hall as a greeting and socializing area. Membership Committee Welcomers will be available in the lobby prior to and after services to answer questions, and introduce you to others if you wish. There are brochures and information available by the Welcome Table.  Fair trade coffee and tea are served at all services. You will be invited to fill out a nametag and a Guest Information Card so we can get you the information you are looking for.

Children’s Religious Education and Care
Children are very welcome to stay with their parents if that is the family’s preference, but we hope they don’t miss out on the fun and inspiration available in our Religious Education classes. The Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship highly values our vibrant religious education program where all children are welcome to join in the appropriate class or group. Nursery care is offered for children from birth to three years of age in the Beatrix Potter Room located on the left side of the Program Wing at all services. Care is available beginning 15 minutes before the start of each regular service. Parents will be notified if their presence is needed for the welfare of their child by a pager system.

Children start in the Sanctuary with their parents at each service during the program year. There will be an all ages portion of the service and then they will leave with their classes. Middle school youth meet during the  Sunday service at 10:45 a.m. only. High school youth meet mid week. Summer services vary, so check out the Religious Education page for updated information.

What are Sunday services like?
Services are spiritual times that allow everyone ample time to participate as they wish. The start of each service begins with the song “Enter Rejoice and Come In”. You will be handed an Order of Service as you enter the Sanctuary. If you are hearing impaired, the room is equipped with a T-Loop Assistive Listening System. There are also large print hymnals available.

Services generally follow the same order, including hymns, the sharing of joys and concerns, receiving of an offering for the congregation or a group beyond our walls, silent meditation or prayer, special music, a sermon and a time for the congregation to share their responses to the sermon. Some services vary from this template, so make sure you check out several! The services are typically led by the Rev. Leah Hart Landsberg or our Interim Minister, the Rev. Kathleen Rolenz. The service may also be led by another minister, a lay leader or a guest speaker. Upcoming service information can be found here.

After the Service
We encourage visitors to meet with Fellowship members and friends for possible questions and conversation in our Fellowship Hall. Members and friends are happy to meet with you, to share impressions and experiences and to welcome you to a congregation that encourages each person’s unique spiritual journey.

More Information

Beliefs page

Facebook page

Past sermons podcast


March 9, 16, 23, 2017
Facilitated by  Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg, Rev. Kathleen Rolenz and/or Marie Luna, Congregational Life Coordinator
This class is especially helpful for newcomers to the Fellowship and new members, though anyone who hasn’t taken before is encouraged to attend. We offer information about our history, governance, programs, and liberal faith. This class is a wonderful opportunity to engage with new people, learn about the Fellowship and commune with others in the Fellowship community. Those interested in joining will be invited to do so at the end of each class.