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6:00 pm Unitarian Universalism in 60 Seconds

  • Marie Luna, director of congregational life
  • Have you ever had a hard time explaining what Unitarian Universalism is? You are not alone! Join us in a conversation about what UU means to you and how you can easily talk about it with others!
  • Zoom Link Password: UU


12:00 pm Virtual Bowl of Stones

  • Deb Andrews, pastoral care team chairperson
  • Log in for a little while, or stay the whole time, to share joys, concerns, and struggles with a compassionate listener just like we would on Sunday mornings near the “bowl of stones” at the back of the sanctuary.
  • Zoom Link Password: UU

6:00 pm Wellspring: Sacred Prehistoric Sites in the Fox River Valley

  • Mark Walker
  • The Fox River waterway has seen active human habitation since the end of the last ice age. Various native cultures honored sacred spaces near springs, rivers, and lakes with petroglyphs (rock art), petroforms (rock arrangements), and earthen mounds. Through maps, aerial images, and early historic writings, Mark Walker will provide a virtual tour of these cultural and spiritual spaces.
  • Mark is a Fellowship member who is also connected with the Wisconsin Archeological Society and the Wisconsin State Historical Society. He helps build new segments of the Ice Age Trail, explores caves with the Wisconsin Speleological Society, and leads Fox Valley UU Men’s Bike & Hike Adventures.
  • Zoom Link


6:00 pm Grieving Our Old Lives

  • Karon Sandberg, Fellowship member, retired hospice chaplain, and affiliated community minister with our Fellowship.
  • We’ll explore the discomfort of loss and not knowing, and ideas for finding our way through.
  • Zoom Link Password: UU


12:00 pm Ecumenical Good Friday Service

  • Join Rev. Christina and leaders from other local congregations lead this annual tradition of a community-wide Good Friday service.
  • The grief of Good Friday is particularly poignant this year as we sit in a time of waiting, wondering, and worrying.
  • Zoom link (meeting ID: 925 103 612, password: Cross)
  • Or call in: 312-626-6799 with meeting ID 925 103 612


Worship: Emptiness as a Sign of Life

  • Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy, Rev. Leah Ongiri, Dr. Steve Sieck, Marie Luna, Andrew Kramp, and Adam Robinson
  • Right now, as so many places are empty, including our Fellowship building, we remember the story of the empty tomb– emptiness can mean love, and life. Hope is not always what it seems on the surface; let’s worship together and celebrate hope, life, and love on this powerfully unique Easter morning.
  • Zoom Link password: UU
  • Or call in: 312-626-6799 with meeting ID 176 319 484

Children’s Chapel and Youth Group

  • Join Kim Hartman, director of religious education, and other leaders for an online gathering of kids and youth!
  • 9:00am – Children’s Chapel (elementary/ younger age)
  • 11:00am – Youth Group (middle school/ high school age)
  • Check your email for the Zoom link to join! If you didn’t receive the link you need to register for R.E. or email


Updated April 1, 2020

Below you will find information about how to keep participating in Fellowship activities during this time when our building–but not our community!–is closed. Please make note of the following links and opportunities, which will help us connect: 

– Up-to-Date Information – We will send out all Fellowship emails with urgent information, and will compile that information on our website on this page HERE. We will also post information on our Facebook page HERE. Make sure you are seeing all of our posts by hovering over the following button on the page and clicking on “see first.” This is a great time to join Facebook, if you haven’t already.

– Technology Support – For more information about ways to connect with the Fellowship and each other online, view this DOCUMENT

– Building – Our building will be closed to everyone other than staff for minimal essential business until further notice. There will be no in-person worship, committee or small group meetings, rentals, or other events during this time. Everyone (including key-holders) is expected to stay away from the building to reduce the risk of spreading illness.

– Staff Update – Staff will continue to monitor their email and voice mail messages.

– Religious Education for Children & Youth – UU Identity will continue as scheduled via Zoom. (See above for how to connect to Zoom).  OWLS, both elementary and middle school, will take a hiatus until we return to in-person meetings.  RE staff are working to create activities for children and families to connect with each other throughout the coming days and weeks.

– Pastoral Care –This is a time of re-imagining connection! It’s going to look different than how we’ve been doing it, but care is still what we do here. Call or email Rev. Leah, at 920-731-0849 or, just like you normally would. She is available to be present with you, as are the members of our lay care team. Either minister (or any member of our staff) can help you access limited practical help, such as resource suggestions or money from our discretionary fund. Please let us know what you need! Consider reaching out to those you know if you feel lonely or if you’re wondering how they are faring. This may be a time of physical distance, but we’re still socially connected.

– Community Care Needs and Offers – We want to know if you are in need of emotional, financial, or practical support. We are a community who cares for those in need, but we can only do so if you tell us! We also ask those who are able to help others to let us know that too. Contact Marie Luna at

– Small Groups – While our building is closed, our groups will not be meeting in person, but they are invited to try meeting online. If your group is going to meet this way, please let Marie Luna know at so we can advertise the information, invite others to join, and support you. 

– Connections at a Distance – Join our new Facebook Group HERE or read your weekly Scroll to see the offerings, and be sure to share your own with us! These will take place mostly on Zoom and Facebook, so refer back to the section on technology support at the beginning of this email if you need help getting connected.