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Appleton Wellspring Wednesday

We strive to offer meaningful programming to enrich the lives of our adult members, friends and the wider community. This helps make our Fellowship the vibrant, welcoming place that it is for pursuing spiritual growth.

Our Wellspring Wednesday Program  has both an adult program and a children’s program. Program information will be  available in the Order of Service and weekly newsletter email.

Second Wednesday of the Month, September through May

6:30—8:00 p.m. Adult and Children’s Concurrent Programs Unless Otherwise Noted

September 11 (Mary Ellyn host): Four Spiritualities:  Finding Your Spiritual Pathway with Mary Ellyn Vicksta

This Wellspring workshop will give you a primer on 4 Spiritual pathways, with questions to help you identify your preferences and suggestions on how to make your spiritual journey even more fulfilling.

October 9: Pantheism with Dave Gerlach

Unitarian Universalists tend to be keenly interested in different spiritual paths.  We often teach our children in religious education about the different world religions.  Plus, we often hear our ministers deliver sermons about those religions over the years.  One religion/spirituality that isn’t talked about as much is Pantheism.  It is a life-affirming, nature-based religion that could hold a lot of promise for us as UU’s and for the world at large.  At this program, we’ll be treated to a look at this religion from the point of view of a proponent who has come to truly appreciate its appeal.  Dave Gerlach is a member of our Fellowship and has spoken about this topic to our Fellowship in prior years.

November 13: Gods and Goddesses with Heather Westley and Chester Behnke

Chester and Heather will speak about their relationships with gods and goddesses, and how these interactions have connected them to the divine.  They will facilitate a ritual of connecting to your inner Oracle.

January 8: Who Needs God to be Spiritual? With Rev. Jim Coakley

Rev. Jim will talk about being a non-theist who is very comfortable with all kinds of metaphors on his spiritual journey.

February 12: Reclaiming Lent with Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

The stations of the cross are an important ritual and embodied practice in many Christian traditions. Come explore these with an open mind, considering the ways this ancient practice might still speak to us in our current world with our current challenges. Unitarian Universalists have historically been such an optimistic faith that we often forget the power of lament and connection with those who are hurting. Lent provides the perfect framework for us to explore these themes as a pathway toward healing ourselves and the world.

March 11: Music as a Spiritual Practice

We will explore some of the ways in which composers, faith traditions, and communities align their music and spiritual practices, as well as reflect on where UU communities might find themselves.

Dr. Steve Sieck is Associate Professor of Music, Co-Director of Choral Studies, and chair of the Voice Department at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, and the Director of Music at the Fox Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship.

April 8: Sacred Prehistoric Sites in the Fox River Valley

Through maps, aerial images, and early historic writings, Mark Walker will provide a virtual tour of the rock art and earthen mounds used by prehistoric cultures to honor sacred spaces in the Fox River Valley

Mark Walker is a Fellowship member who is also connected with the Wisconsin Archeological Society and the Wisconsin State Historical Society.  He helps build new segments of the Ice Age Trail, explores caves with the Wisconsin Speleological Society, and leads Fox Valley UU Men’s Bike & Hike Adventures.

 “Having a place that connects me to such amazing people, with whom I can think about my life and priorities more clearly and deeply, is truly a blessing for me.”

Fellowship Member, 8 years