Categories: Lifespan Education

ADULT ENRICHMENT committee coordinates the Fellowship’s fun and educational classes, workshops and special events for adults.  It also supports the small groups and covenant groups associated with the Fellowship.Contact: Steve Hankey 920- 993-9039  or Amy Attenberger  920-858-0851 ART committee is responsible for temporary and permanent works of art on display at the Fellowship.  It organizes a rotational system for display of the works of members and friends, both professional and amateur artists.  Contact: Gail Dolan 920-725-3587   BUILDING AND GROUNDS committee works on the upkeep of the physical building.  It takes care of repairs, plans and implements building improvement projects, and sponsors the annual clean-up of the building.Contact: Dale Bowers 920-788-7011        CRYSTAL BALL (Long-Range Planning) committee outlines strategies for moving our Fellowship toward its preferred future over five years.  In the intervening years, the plan is reviewed and revised when necessary.  This committee assists the Fellowship in learning about itself and utilizes that learning to create its future.Contact: Debra Cronmiller 920-830-2284   FINANCE committee is responsible for preparing the contribution deposit reports and depositing the money weekly, supporting the annual canvass drive, and working with the Audit Committee to enhance the accounting procedures.Contact: Pat McQuillan 920-722-3248   LANDSCAPING committee oversees the overall plans for maintaining and enhancing the Fellowship property.  It schedules occasional days for routine upkeep, is responsible for the pond maintenance and organizes the Adopt-a-plot program.Contact: Lira Martinez 920-830-9808  or Beth DeStasio 920-954-1479         MEMBERSHIP committee works with new and continuing members to help them find ways to become more involved and fulfilled.  Responsibilities include ensuring there are welcomers at each service, assisting with the UU101 Class and hosting the New Member Welcoming Celebrations.Contact: Sara Arnold 920-734-6129   MINISTRY committee focuses on ministry, developing goals and expectations for the ministry staff, facilitating communications between congregation and ministry staff, offering counsel/support to the ministry staff, clarifying the role and expectations of the ministry staff, participating in evaluation of the ministry, and working on the ministry staff’s professional development plans, which includes sabbaticals.Contact: Dave Debbink 920-739-8222        PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS raises awareness in the Fox Valley about the mission of the Fellowship, so that interested people may learn about and have the opportunity to become friends and members.  It initiates and maintains communications within the Fellowship and the community through newspaper advertising, radio ads, the web site, and other media.  Contact: Gary Haren 920-428-7047 PERSONNEL committee helps with the administrative care of our staff.  Our goal is to help the Fellowship be a good employer.  With guidance and input, we propose the budget figures for salary and benefits and develop and maintain personnel policies.Contact: Jodie Kacer 920-733-2449 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION committee works closely with the Director of Religious Education in the development and implementation of religious education curricula.  The committee seeks to promote lifespan educational opportunities through religious education classes and other programs, such as Children’s Worship, OWL (Our Whole Lives), Coming of Age, Youth Groups, and a variety of intergenerational activities.Contact:  SOCIAL ACTION committee works to fulfill our mission statement to act upon our UU principles to build a better world.  Most Social Action Teams meet together and then break off to work on individual projects that can include issues of economic justice, diversity, environmental justice, and our relationship with two partner  churches in Deva, Transylvania and in New Orleans.Contact: Veronica Flower 920-882-0662   SERVICES committee ensures that all logistics for the weekend services are in place, from setting up chairs to planning, and implementing the worship services on the weekends the minister does not preach, which include most of the summer services.  The committee recruits guest speakers, story tellers, service coordinators, and announcers.  Contact: Brian Murton 920-882-7733 HOSPITALITY committee arranges coffee hour, monthly Feast & Fellowship Dinners, Circle Dinners, memorial service hospitality, and a Thanksgiving dinner at the Fellowship.  Contact: Sandy Court 920-882-6660   NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR committee provides meals, rides, and other support to Fellowship families, as needed. People can make a meal for the freezer at the Fellowship whenever they are able and it will be given to someone who will benefit from it. Contact: Heidi Chaudoir 920-734-0454 or Leslie Farrell 920-257-4322       TECHNOLOGY committee works with staff in providing support and information regarding the computers, phone, and other technological needs. Contact: Rick Krumwiede 920-731-4727SHORT-TERM GROUPS AND TASK FORCES:Building-Phase II is focusing on the expansion of our current facility, which is Phase II of our Building Project.Contact: 920-734-0013 or Albert Park 920-722-7322      Playground has started construction and many pieces are built. The area has attracted children and youth of all ages to enjoy the outdoors.Contact: Lisa O’Connor 920-733-3698