The Power of Compassion

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy Join us for our fourth Sunday in the “6 C’s of Courage” series focusing on Compassion as a tool to cultivate courage in the face of fear. Compassion for self, and for others, is not a wimpy emotion. Rather, compassion is a powerful force for freedom, action, and connection.

The Power of Connection

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy The third part of our “Six C’s of Courage” series this week will focus on cultivating courage through Connection — to your own values, to community, and to others through relationship. “Courage is a by-product of communion rather than an individual virtue, the creation of a compassionate community rather than a…

The Power of Clarity

This, the second of our “Six C’s of Courage” series will be an all-ages service focused on Clarity– acknowledging reality without hiding from it– and honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s commitment to fighting injustice by first refusing to become accustomed to it.

The Power of Curiosity

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy We will kick off a six-part sermon series on courage this week with the first of six words that begin with the letter “C”- Curiosity. Come explore how curiosity, wonder, and openness to experiences can spur on courage in the face of fear.

Spread the Word

by Rev. Christina Leone-TracyMany of us wonder how to talk to others about being UU, especially if someone asks us about it. This all ages service will provide tips and tricks for sharing Unitarian Universalism with others in a way that feels good to you!

Memory Lane

“Make the Circle Bigger” written and performed by Taizan Alford
Reflection by David Velguth
Message by Marti Wheeler and Terry Dawson

From the beginning the Fellowship’s mission has included “welcoming.” Over the years we’ve used good process to strive to be welcoming to all who enter our doors. We’ll take a look at our history and how it shapes who we are and informs where we’re going. Marti Wheeler, Terry Dawson, Theresa Hannah and Merry Schoenfeld spent time last winter reviewing and cleaning Fellowship archive records and will share some information about the Fellowship’s history.

Question Box 2018

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Do you have a question for Rev. Christina? Something small, or grand, or in between? Come submit your questions and she will do her best to answer as many as possible this morning, or your question might find its way into a future sermon!

Deep Sustainability: An EcoTheistic View of Big History

by Rev. Michael Dowd

A deep-time big picture is vital for staying sane and sober in confusing and contracting times. Such an evidence-based “sacred realism” can help us accept what is inevitable, avoid what is futile, and be a blessing to friends, family, and neighbors in a difficult and uncertain world. This sermon by renowned eco-theologian and TEDx speaker, Michael Dowd, bridges the gap between head and heart and celebrates the convergence of science, inspiration, and sustainability.

Mind the Gap

by Andy Mast, Fellowship Member

Any visitor to London will instantly recognize this as the safety message regularly heard at tube stops as well as the iconic image that goes along with it. In addition to being valuable safety advice, the phrase also suggests rich meanings about space, time and repose: the gaps in both our internal and external worlds. How do we maintain awareness of, create and manage these spaces in our lives? “Minding the gap” has many rich and varied meanings to examine, and you won’t even need a passport to enjoy this journey!

Finding Common Ground

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Last week we talked about why honoring our differences is such an important part of our faith. But it’s also good to remember how we are the same, and seek to find commonalities even when they might not be obvious.