Hearts, Guide Us

by Rev. Brian Mason

To find delight in the world is a risk. Left to their own devices the assaults of the world can whittle away at our passions and dreams, wreaking havoc on our hearts and hopes. Messages of great divide and upheaval rock us each night, especially so in this time of transition and unknowing. Acquiescing to such messages is tempting, but we can gather together as the beloved community in an act of resistance: let us risk to dream the world anew.

Resistance and Resilience

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

On this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, I’ll look at the legacy of President Obama’s legacy and his influence on the state of black America today. As we look ahead towards the inaguration of a new president, what are the strategies we must use to resist injustice and how do we develop the resilience to stay active and engaged for the next chapter of America’s life?

Hearing Voices

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

In ancient times, “hearing voices” was a sure sign of being chosen as a prophet. In contemporary times, it may indicate a mental health crisis. Yet, each one of us has a private soundtrack in our heads; a chorus of voices who, for better or worse, shape who we are and the decision we make. Which voices should we listen to and which ones should we ignore?

Waiting for a Miracle

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

Thomas Jefferson famous excised any mention of “miracles” from the Bible. Ralph Waldo Emerson rejected the notion of miracles apart from human agency. Yet, about 80% of Americans believe in miracles. How does science-minded Unitarian Universalism understand miracles and where, at the beginning of the holiday season, might we find them today?

The Mystery of our Pain

by Rev. Hope Engeseth
with Marla Mischler, Worship Leader

Reflections of a life’s journey of learning lessons from Nigerian poet and novelist Ben Okri when he wrote, “There are things that burn us now which turn golden when I am happy. Do you see the mystery of our pain?”

Living in the Cathedral of the World

by Rev. Kathleen C. Rolenz with John Newhall

In 2011, I found myself in one of the actual “cathedrals of the world,” a metaphor that Forrest Church has used in his books to describe our Universalist theology. Universalism believes there are many windows that reveal one light. I felt so alive in that sacred space and then I walked out the door into the city that surrounded it.

Divided We Stand

by Rev. Kathleen C. Rolenz

It’s just two days before a historic election when Americans are given a choice to vote for a candidate that best represents their values. It feels as if the country has never been more divided by issues of race, class, citizenship and what it means to be an American. While enduring the rhetoric around this election season has been painful, it has also brought into sharp relief the values of a nation that are worth voting for. No coincidentally, the theme for this month is “Tell me a story about a time when you felt most alive.” Certainly the month of November will be such a time!

Friendship: Its Puzzles and Promises

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

The relationships we have with friends can be among our most formative life experiences, yet friendship itself can go remarkably unremarked upon. Our friendships deserve appreciation and celebration but that doesn’t always mean they are easy. We’ll recognize how hard and scary it can be when they go awry and hear a story about the complex friendship of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. This service is designed for those of all ages who have friends or have longed for them; who have ever had to part ways with a friend or are themselves a friend to someone else.

Beyond Categorical Thinking: The Van Gogh Cafe

by Rev. Keith Kron, UUA Transitions Director

Living our Unitarian Universalist values isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be. Often what we strive for is not what actually happens. How can we improve the odds that we will lead with our best values inside and outside our congregation? This sermon will explore these issues as they pertain to your next minister.