Sabbatical Lessons on Compassion

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg Rev. Leah’s sabbatical last year offered her the chance to rest and renew after some busy years at home and the  Fellowship. She knew focusing on creative development and self care would feel good, but was unprepared for what she ended up learning about compassion. This all ages service will include…

The Power of Commitment

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy Our final service in the “6 C’s of Courage” series focuses on Commitment. Sometimes, courage isn’t about radical, bold acts. Sometimes it’s just about moving forward little by little, to keep making a difference– in your own life, or in the world. We will contemplate our commitment and perseverance as a…

The Power of Celebration

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy The fifth of our “6 C’s of Courage” series focuses on Celebration! Often when we get busy trying to conquer our fears, make a change in our lives, or improve the world, we forget to celebrate our wins. This is an important step in the cultivation of courage, for without it,…

The Power of Compassion

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy Join us for our fourth Sunday in the “6 C’s of Courage” series focusing on Compassion as a tool to cultivate courage in the face of fear. Compassion for self, and for others, is not a wimpy emotion. Rather, compassion is a powerful force for freedom, action, and connection.

The Power of Connection

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy The third part of our “Six C’s of Courage” series this week will focus on cultivating courage through Connection — to your own values, to community, and to others through relationship. “Courage is a by-product of communion rather than an individual virtue, the creation of a compassionate community rather than a…

The Power of Clarity

This, the second of our “Six C’s of Courage” series will be an all-ages service focused on Clarity– acknowledging reality without hiding from it– and honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s commitment to fighting injustice by first refusing to become accustomed to it.

The Power of Curiosity

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy We will kick off a six-part sermon series on courage this week with the first of six words that begin with the letter “C”- Curiosity. Come explore how curiosity, wonder, and openness to experiences can spur on courage in the face of fear.

Would You Harbor Me?

by Fellowship members Heather Westley and Katie Reiser, director of congregational life, Marie Luna, and leader of the Winnebago Worship Group of Friends (Quaker), Marijke van RoojinWhat does it mean to harbor someone? Is it as simple as giving home or shelter or is it much deeper than that? Having an open heart and love…

Good to be Seen

Reflection by Theresa SpoehrSermon by Rev. Christina Leone-TracyOur nation incarcerates more people than any other country when measured any number of ways. We have created a system that strips people of their worth and dignity in the name of safety. We will explore the power of seeing, or acknowledging, those people that our society has…

Still Small Voice

Reflection by Connie RoopSermon by Rev. Christina Leone-TracyThis morning we will settle for an hour of reflection and exploration of the gift of silence, especially as we hustle and bustle at this busy time of year. Let’s take a cue from the trees and rest, together, listening to our still small voice within.