What Would Francis David Do?

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

WWFDD? What would Francis David do? This Sunday we’ll celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda– the Transylvanian law of toleration that was enacted by the Unitarian King John Sigismund, inspired by his court preacher the Unitarian Francis David. The law, passed in 1568.

In Between Time

by Heather Westley, Fellowship Member, and Marie Luna, Congregational Life Coordinator

On this day between two years, we honor the space between no longer and not yet. We will consider the possible thresholds in our lives that we may be ready to step into through guided meditation and reflection.

What Does Your Soul Magnify?

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy
with a reflection by Leah Thibodeau, Worship Leader

Magnificat – This song in the Christian Bible is from Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she contemplates her pregnancy and the child she will bring into the world. Hers is a song of hope. What hope can we find in this season?

Healing the Hungry Ghost

by Shōjin Alford

In Buddhist mythology, the hungry ghost is depicted as having a long thin neck and a gigantic stomach. This leads to the feeling of never getting enough or being satisfied. Come experience healing music and meditations with Shōjin Alford to help heal the hungry ghost in all of us. Shōjin has been a member of the Fellowship since 1997 with her husband Tom Pynenberg. She is also an ordained Soto Zen priest with Clouds in Water Zen Center in St. Paul Minnesota.

Tell Them I Said Yes to Life

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

As we head toward the “holiday season” when families will likely be spending more time with each other, let’s spend some time exploring ways to have meaningful conversations about life and end-of-life. These conversations are hard, but they don’t need to be painful. What does our faith say about the ways we face life, and death, with love?

The Walking Dead

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

The earliest zombie movie was called “White Zombie,” starring actor Bela Lugosi. While over 80 years old, it still holds powerful opportunity for reflection, especially on the powers that control our lives without our consent. What would it mean to “wake up” with awareness of those controlling powers, and regain autonomy over our lives?

On Aging

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

It’s Monster Month, so this week we will meet the hag, the ugly old woman character that embodies negative ideas about aging. But our other October theme is courage and so we will bravely explore the process of becoming an elder. Our service will contain ceremonies of child dedication because, after all, we all start out young. If we’re lucky, we are also given the opportunity to age. Despite its challenges, growing older has unique purposes and gifts.

Exorcising Evil

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Welcome to our first Sunday of the “Monster Month!” Each weekend we’ll explore different traditional “monsters” and how to face these monsters with courage. This week: Demons & Devils! These creatures exist in many world mythologies. What’s a UU to do with the idea of demons and devils? Are there ways in which this mythology rings true in the ways we face those things which have a negative hold on our lives, and how might we “exorcise” them?

Ready for Anything

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

Join lifelong Jewish Unitarian Universalists Rev. Leah and Fellowship member Jaclyn Kottman to consider September’s theme of welcome on Rosh Hashanah, the head of the Jewish year. How do we welcome who we wish to be? Maybe we hope to return to a former version of ourselves or to invite in a new phase entirely. In order to truly be ready for change, we need to accept our past and ourselves. This is hard work, best done in community. This service is for those from Jewish backgrounds and non-Jews alike and will include very special music by our own Mark Urness and Dan Van Sickle. At the end you will be invited to participate in a version of an ancient ritual called tashlich that helps us move on from the past and welcome the future.

Mingling of the Waters 2017

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Returning to the Well – A multigenerational service of story, celebration, song, and ritual. We will return from summer for our final single service, bringing water from our travels, our home, or our neighborhood park to mingle together. We’ll contemplate what it means to “return to the well” and pour out our waters into the world.