New Beginnings

By Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy New beginnings: Rev. Christina, our new settled senior minister, will be here for her first Sunday in the pulpit with us! We will contemplate the joys and challenges of new beginnings, and celebrate a dedication of children as they also symbolize for us all that is good and challenging in beginnings.

The Value of Suffering

By Rev. Karon Sandberg

Many faiths believe that suffering brings you closer to holiness. I have heard that suffering can carve out new areas of understanding of one’s self and others. The Buddha believed that to live is to suffer. And yet for me, this way of thinking seems like a total nightmare. I have always worked hard to avoid suffering and strove to seek my lessons through love and joy. Join me as we tackle the eternal challenge of suffering and its possible merits and lessons in our lives.

What is Grace?

by Rev. Karon Sandberg

Grace is a difficult word to pin down. It’s simplest definition is unmerited favor while others may see it as unconditional love. I haven’t been able to clearly put my finger on what grace feels like or is for me. I wonder, is grace something that is given or something that is received? And by whom or what? Join me as we peel back the layers of grace that may or may not move in and out of our lives.

What We Learned About Racism Through Beloved Conversations

by Tina Main, Penny Robinson, Connie Kanitz, and Tom Pynenberg

From January – March 2017, sixteen members of the Fellowship engaged in an intensive curriculum called “Beloved Conversations.” Through the course of our time together, we learned much about the realities of race, racism, white privilege, white supremacy and of course, ourselves. We’ll engage with one another and with the congregation in a complex, challenging and ultimately liberating conversation.

Hail, Queen of Playfulness!

by Jay Thomas, Music Director

The Summer Solstice on June 21 heralds the start of summer with the longest day and shortest night of the year. The change of season also initiates in many of us a urge to spend more time outside. This service celebrates this turning outward while honoring some Pagan / Earth-based traditions connected to this pivotal time of year. In true Revels fashion, the service will contain elements of story and song, meditation and movement. Come play with us!

The Story of Your Happiness

By Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

2016-2017 was “The Year of the Story,” with each month exploring the answer to the question: “Tell Me a Story about a Time When You…” We’ve looked at experiences such as “faced your fears,” or “found your voice.” This is Rev. Rolenz’ last full service, so we’ll look back at some of the concerns we’ve uncovered, the joys we’ve shared, and the new story that is being written for the Fellowship’s future. This service will include the 95th anniversary of the Flower Ceremony, created by Reverend Norbet Capek of the Czech Republic. Bring a flower to share to create our common bouquet, and you’ll take a new one home with you, as a reminder that a joy shared is a joy increased.

Love is the Doctrine of our Fellowship

by Marie Luna, Congregational Life Coordinator

Warm. Welcoming. Open. Strong community. We have heard similar statements from newcomers since the early days. How have we held true to these core values when we had 100 members? 400? 700? Marie will share stories from her experiences as well as stories from some of our longest term members. We will also look ahead to the next chapter of our story, that includes a new settled senior minister and potentially a lot more new people looking for a community like ours.

Loss and Possibility

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Join our Senior Minister Candidate, Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy, for the first Sunday of Candidating Week! We’ll be exploring the possibilities for the future, while honoring the loss inherent in transformation. We will also look at some the challenges in our UUA and how we are being called to the work of dismantling white supremacy.

Second Chances

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

In a world where nothing is permanent, we treat death as the exception. For those who celebrate Easter, Jesus’s resurrection is experienced as important theological “second chance.” On this Easter Sunday when Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection as we’ll look with at the problems and possibilities of life – before and after death.

Risking Sanctuary

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

Several Unitarian Universalist congregations have already become, or are preparing to become a “Sanctuary” congregation to house undocumented persons under threat of deportation. Many in our community live in fear of deportation and are looking for safe harbor at churches and congregations who are willing to support them. What are the moral issues around immigration – and do those moral issues call us, as a congregation, to provide sanctuary?