Social Justice

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Motivated by our faith and inspired and sustained by religious community, we have a strong tradition of social justice within Unitarian Universalism and our Fellowship.  Ours is a faith of deeds, not creeds, and we believe social justice work is a vital facet of congregational life.  In small groups and, when we vote to act collectively, as an entire congregation, we strive to build a better, more just world through our Social Justice Ministry.

Our Social Justice Ministry  has three principal goals: 1) to provide opportunities for meaningful social justice work; 2) to involve many Fellowship members and friends of all ages in this work; and 3) to give members and friends an opportunity to connect with each other as we work side-by-side on building a better world.  Fellowship Social Justice Action Teams will educate their own members as well as other members and friends of the Fellowship about their mission and design their actions accordingly.

Fellowship Action Teams

Climate Justice Action Team

Essentials: Food and Shelter for All Action Team

Racial Justice Action Team

Women and Men United for Women’s Justice

Other Social Justice Groups we Support


UU Service Committee

Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce