Yes, And

Reflection by Brian MurtonSermon by Rev. Christina Leone-TracyThe first rule of improv comedy is “yes, and,” the imperative to keep the scene going at all costs! We Unitarian Universalists have a ‘yes, and’ theology. How can improv comedy help us in life and our faith?

Creativity and the Ish

Reflection by Cindy DarlingSermon by Ali Peters, intern ministerCreativity is deeply connected to all parts of our lives. It can be easy for us to forget this and to leave it up to the professional artists, writers, and performers. But it’s actually important for all of us to work those creativity muscles! Join us this…

The Miracle of Adaptation

Reflection by David VelguthSermon by Rev. Christina Leone-TracyThis week is Charles Darwin’s 212th birthday. His theory of evolution by natural selection often gets a bad rap (competition and survival of the fittest and all that) but let’s explore what the miracle of evolution can teach us about flexibility and adaptation, gifts from our evolutionary ancestors…

Yes to Life: Keeping Afloat

Reflection by Kathryn TollefsonSermon by Rev. Leah OngiriSaying yes to life doesn’t mean that we literally affirm every single thing–that would be inane or even impossible. However, cultivating a posture of openness can be a thoughtful, fulfilling way to care for self and community. As one way to practice affirmation, we will take a special…

Blow and Bend

Reflection by Ali Peters, intern ministerSermon by Rev. Christina Leone-TracyThe most stable structures have a little flexibility and “give,” allowing them to bend in the face of pressure rather than breaking. How can we grow this flexibility in ourselves without giving up strong stances? How can we practice resilience with gentleness? Notice: mild language

A Changing Dream

Reflection by Rev. Christina Leone-TracySermon by Rev. Laura RandallThis Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday, we will hear from Rev. Laura Randall of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. You might recall that our 2019 recipient of the Greater Good fund was the UUSC’s immigration justice program. Let’s hear how the face of justice work continues to…

Come What May

Reflection by David Velguth, worship leaderSermon by Ali Peters, intern minister2020 threw us all many challenges we had never faced before –challenges that none of us could have predicted. How can we prepare ourselves to meet whatever challenges may await us in 2021 and in the years to come?

Lifting Up and Letting Go

by Marie Luna, director of congregational life2020 has brought challenges that few of us were prepared for as we entered this year. Let’s consider what we want to lift up, as well as what we want to let go of, on this last Sunday of this year.

Our Better Angels – Christmas Eve

Angels make many appearances in the Christmas story– what might they mean for us today, and what might they be telling us? Story Part I – The Angel Gabriel Comes to MaryGospel: Luke 1:26-38Reflection: Rev. Christina Leone-TracySong: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (verse 1) Story Part II – The Angels Appear to ShepherdsGospel: Luke 2:8-20Reflection:…

“Frederick” A Winter Solstice Celebration

Reflections by Ali Peters, intern minister, and Rev. Christina Leone-TracyThe celebration of the winter solstice– the darkness and return of the light– is a time-honored tradition here at the Fellowship and it will continue this year. We’ll hear the sweet story of Frederick the mouse and celebrate the winter together.