Teaching / Facilitation / Up-front Leading

If you love to lead groups, we need you!


= 1-2 hours per month

= 3-4 hours per month

= 4+ hours per month

Membership in the Fellowship is required.

Voted by the membership.

Application is required

Leadership Development Committee

    Help train and recruit Fellowship leaders.

The LDC works with our Governing Board and Executive Team to offer leadership classes, events, and offers appreciation to our leaders. They also help in the nominating process for committees of the board for election, and support the staff in finding people to serve in other roles at the Fellowship. If you are selected to be on the slate for election to the LDC, you will need to complete a criminal background check and confidentiality agreement.

Elections for the LDC are in early June.

Email the Leadership Development Committee to indicate your interest in joining LDC at some point in the future.

Religious Education Teaching, Facilitating, or Mentoring

  Work with our wonderful young people in a way that supports their learning, growth, and exploration as members of this borderless world. If you are selected to serve in one of these roles you will be required to pass a criminal background check and sign a code of ethical conduct.

Email Ms. Kim Hartman to indicate your interest in serving as an RE or Youth teacher, facilitator, or mentor.

Worship Leader

   Work with the minister or preacher to create meaningful Sunday services. Usually this also involves writing and sharing an original 3-4 minute reflection to support the theme of the service, and supporting the service from the pulpit with other speaking roles.

Journey Group Facilitator or Small Group Leader

Lead a small group (social, affinity, book group, etc), or a Journey Group, using group facilitation. In the case of Journey Groups, we provide preparation and discussion materials.

Email Rev. Christina to indicate your interest in starting a new Small Group.