Fellowship sanctuary

We are eager to be together in person again! First and foremost, your staff and executive teams are deeply grateful for your patience and support since we closed our doors in March 2020. Thank you for helping us put safety first. We extend special appreciation to the health care professional members who serve on our COVID Safety Advisory Committee.

Our current goal is to fully reopen for worship on Mingling of the Waters (Ingathering) Sunday, September 19th at 9:00 and 10:45 am CT. There are also some smaller meetings and events scheduled sooner.

Our reopened Fellowship will be the same and different. Zoom worship and programs will continue! Services will be live streamed from the sanctuary at 10:45 am CT. Chat and a breakout group will be available.

Practices and policies will likely evolve. Additional, different, and/or fewer risk mitigation strategies might become necessary. We commit to making appropriate decisions, when and as relevant factors change, guided by Unitarian Universalist values of protection and inclusion. We will work to communicate updates as clearly, promptly, and widely as possible. As always, we invite your ideas, questions, concerns, and support.


Whenever you are in the building:

Appropriately worn and properly fitting masks are required for all persons over 3 years of age regardless of vaccination status. If you have a major and documented medical issue with mask compliance, please contact Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy in advance of coming to the building. We will have a limited supply of masks available in child and adult sizes.

Individual food and drink are not allowed indoors (with the exception of a water bottle for small group meetings) but may be consumed outside. No food or drink will be allowed during Sunday services, which includes no coffee hour, nor will the Fellowship be sponsoring or allowing food or drinks for any Fellowship programs, meetings or events inside or outside at this time. We look forward to re-establishing this long honored tradition of food, coffee and fellowship as soon as it is safe to do so.

Worship Service Safety:

  • Congregational singing will be limited or omitted. Solo and small group singers will distance and wear high quality masks.
  • Post service, in-person attendees may choose a connection opportunity or opt out entirely. Services will be a bit shorter, immediately followed by options for mingling and chatting. This will include receiving support from a care team member, newcomer connection with Marie Luna, or staying in the sanctuary for personal sharing about service themes as an updated Congregational Response format.
  • The sanctuary, hallways and lobbies, Legacy Room, and Fellowship Hall will need to be entirely emptied for 30 minutes between services to allow for the air-exchange system to fully clean the air.
  • Religious Education will continue! RE will be offered on Zoom at 9 am for younger kids (stay tuned for more information), and at 10:45 am for middle school students. RE will be in-person in our building for all children and youth ONLY at 10:45 am.
  • If you are not participating in our RE program, please consider attending the 9 am service to relieve overcrowding at the later service with in-person RE. If necessary, we will implement advance registration to attend services.