Consistent with our seven principles, the Fellowship is organized democratically. The congregation, by majority vote, has final authority for running the Fellowship, including policies for operation, the raising and allocation of funds and the selection of ministers.

 The Governing Board articulates the Fellowship’s vision through its governing policies (see link below) and monitors the work of the Executive Team, known as the X-Team. The X-Team includes the Senior Minister, Business Administrator and Associate Minister. The X-Team makes the decisions about how things happen here and the operation policies.

Minutes of our Board meetings are available for review by members upon request and also available on the bulletin board in the Fellowship lobby.  Please contact the Fellowship office for more information.

Meetings occur on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. The Governing Board wants to hear from you. We are setting aside five minutes at the beginning of every Board meeting for a “time for congregants” to come and speak to the Board on any topic they wish. Please restrict your comments to five minutes as we will need to move on with the rest of the Board meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Sam Zinth, President
Bradley Shipps, Vice-President
Chilwin Tanamal, Secretary
Theresa Hannah, Treasurer

Board Members-at-Large
Dan Fischer
Terry Dawson
Jenny Bush
Linda Grishaber
Lisa O’Connor

If you would like to share your thoughts, or have questions or concerns, please email the board

Ends Statements

Rooted in our Unitarian Universalist identity, the people of the Fellowship embrace our collective responsibility to live our values within and beyond our walls. Across the lifespan, we:

  • Love each other in times of joy, sorrow, and transition
  • Live a life of purpose, rooted in spiritual practice, service, and wonder
  • Create a culture of radical hospitality and compassion
  • Form deep and authentic relationships across differences
  • Are a visible presence and resource, courageously challenging injustice and inequity
  • Work to end discrimination and systemic racism within ourselves, our congregation, and the world around us
  • Generously share our time, talent, and treasure, in a spirit of joy and abundance

Important Documents

Organizational Chart 2017-2018

Governing Board Policies (Amended 8-08-18) – includes By-Laws, Endowment & Gift Acceptance Policy, and the 5 Year Plan.

Mission and Vision Statements

Principles for a Healthy Congregation

Governing Board Agenda May 2019

Executive Team Covenant

Social Media User Agreement

March 2019 Income and Expense Summary

2017-2018 Annual Report

Peanut Safety Policy

Annual Meeting  – June 2, 2019 at 10:45 am

2019 Annual Meeting Letter

2019 Annual Meeting Agenda

2019 Proposed ByLaw Amendments

2019 Meet the Leadership Candidates