Justice Action Ministry (JAM)

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Motivated by our faith and inspired and sustained by religious community, we have a strong tradition of social justice within Unitarian Universalism and our Fellowship.  Ours is a faith of deeds, not creeds, and we believe social justice work is a vital facet of congregational life.  

Our Social Justice Ministry  has three principal goals: 1) to provide opportunities for meaningful social justice work; 2) to involve many Fellowship members and friends of all ages in this work; and 3) to give members and friends an opportunity to connect with each other as we work side-by-side on building a better world.  

Social Justice Core Team: The Core Team’s purpose is to help the Fellowship fulfill the part of our mission statement stating we will Lead in Social Justice. To do this, we will rely on our strong partnership with ESTHER. The trainings and methods that ESTHER offers give us the ability to be effective agents of change, while building relationships within our own congregation and with others who are our allies in building a better world. All are welcome to attend our meetings, held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the Fellowship.

Essentials: Food and Shelter for All Action JAM: This group’s purpose is to ensure adequate food and shelter in the Fox Valley and beyond; to work to address obstacles which stand in the way of people being able to meet these needs for themselves.

Green Sanctuary JAM: The purpose of this group is to raise awareness of our changing climate of the earth, with special emphasis on local effects and actions.  The team will identify activities people can do and work to see those actions come to fruition.

ESTHER: This is the Fellowship’s connection to ESTHER, an interfaith community organizing group of which the Fellowship is a member.  The purpose of the JAM is to educate, motivate and mobilize Fellowship members to participate in social justice activities, such as reforms to prison,  immigration reform and public transportation.  We work by building relationships.  Contact Connie Raether for information at connieraether@gmail.com. 

Other Social Justice Groups and Projects we Support

Shared Sanctuary Fellowship Committee: Be it resolved that the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship declares itself a Sanctuary Congregation, committing ourselves to the practice of radical hospitality, offered to those who are targets of the unjust immigration laws of our government.  We commit to providing safe and welcoming living accommodations and helping to provide essentials, such as food and legal assistance, as we are able, in our building, as a place of refuge to any person or family in need, as our ministers and governing board so declare.  Additionally, this declaration of sanctuary lies both within and beyond our walls, through collaboration with other community organizations, working toward a more equitable, safe and just community for the immigrants and refugees who live here.

Partner Church Committee: Our Fellowship’s partnership with Deva, Romania, began in 1999, and since then there have been many pilgrim visits between the two congregations. More recently, we have also established a partner church in the Philippines.

Greater Good: The Greater Good Project is an endeavor involving all ages and created to bring meaning back to the holidays. We ask participating members and friends of our Fellowship to tally up what they spend on the holiday season, including presents, wrappings, trimmings, travel, food and entertainment.  Then 50% of their usual holiday spending becomes a gift to the Greater Good. The funds are distributed to carefully selected projects voted for by the children and youth of the Fellowship.

Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce: As part of our efforts to promote the Fellowship as a congregation that welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members and attendees, we have joined the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce. This organization works to create a fully inclusive state by promoting economic growth and opportunities among LGBT owned and allied businesses, professionals, and corporations in Wisconsin.