The Lure of the Bubble

by Rev. Roger Bertschausen, 12/14/2013
In this era of information overload, more and more of us are choosing to disengage and opt out. While this is entirely understandable and at times is helpful, I believe there’s probably a middle way between allowing information to overwhelm us and opting out.

I Am Because We Are

by Ashley Horan, M. Div., 11/23/2013
Our Unitarian Universalist faith has a strong thread of individualism coursing through its history–one that has sometimes made us cling more strongly to our uniqueness than to our common vision. But we are also a covenantal people, bound together by the promises we make to one another and by the web of life of which we are all a part. When we view ourselves as unique offshoots of one interconnected organism, rooted in the soil of our beloved tradition, how are we called to live our lives and serve the world?

The Wonder of Small Things

By Rev. Steve Savides, 10/6/2013

Those things that fill us with a sense of awe both call us to life and provide us with a sense of power in our living. Reflecting on Jesus’ parables of the mustard seed and the leaven gives us a window into the wonder of small things, everyday events and opportunities that can be just as meaningful and motivating as the big things that more often catch our attention and imagination. How can each of us make time and space to experience the wonder of small things? Steve Savides is the Senior Pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ of Appleton. His preaching this weekend at Fox Valley UU Fellowship is part of a pulpit exchange with Rev. Roger; Roger will be preaching at First Congo next summer when Steve is on sabbatical.

This I Believe – 2013

6/16/2013 – “This I Believe” from by Debra Morningstar, Marty Arnold, Hilary Haskel, Don Anderson.