Flower Communion Message

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

Join us for our annual UU flower communion service. This year, Fellowship member Be Alford will offer music and we’ll hear a special story about someone who is given the task of contributing beauty to the world. How do we make life more beautiful, each in our own unique way? This is a service for people of all ages. Please bring a flower!


by Deb Andrews

Presidents ponder their legacy from the moment they are elected. What will they be remembered for? What do they want to be remembered for? This may give powerful focus to the few short years they have to make a difference in the world. Planned or not, we all leave legacies – churches do, governments do, people do. What thought do we give to what we will leave behind and how we’d like to be remembered? This sermon will explore those questions and how thoughts to legacy shape the way we live.

Deb Andrews is a longtime member of the Fox Valley UU Fellowship, where she currently serves as lay minister. She enjoys writing essays, working with kids at the Neenah Library, long conversations, and walks around the neighborhood.

Bridging Ceremony

Bridging Ceremony 2014

Call to Gather by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg and Rev. Roger Bertschausen
Bridging Youth: Zoe Bush, Kiya Govek, Abbi Jakubek, Molly McLaughlin, Michael Roberts, Dana Strachan, Emily Thompson, Sophie Zilles, Elliot Verkuilen

How Much of a Rainbow Do We Include?

by Rev. Roger Bertschausen

Our Journey Group packet for this month’s theme of color lifts up that our Unitarian Universalist faith “stands on the side of technicolor” as opposed to monochrome. How true is this? I’ll explore this in terms of art, architecture, and the diversity of our faith’s and our Fellowship’s members.

Subway Jesus

by Rev. Kaaren Anderson
The Rev. Kaaren Anderson is the Senior Minister of First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY, a 1000 member church. One of the outstanding preachers in our movement, she was selected to give the main sermon at the UU Association’s General Assembly a couple years ago. Her sermon will share about “The Greater Good,” a remarkable alternative holiday giving program that is children-led and has raised over $400,000 since 2006 to support social justice work.

Song of the Open Road

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

In the deep of winter (when this service description was written), the promise of spring can symbolize freedom (from too-little daylight, slippery driveways and being stuck inside). And who captures the heady magic of milder weather better than Walt Whitman? Heed the music of his epic poem “Song of the Open Road” as it calls us…

The Limits of Freedom

by Rev. Roger Bertschausen

Freedom is a pillar of our faith. I used to preach it is THE pillar of our faith. I continue to think it’s a pillar, but I also have come to recognize it has limitations, too.

The Future of Liberal Religion

by Rev. Roger Bertschausen

Where is our faith headed? Will it survive the increasing secularism of our culture (yes, even in the Fox Cities)? I’ll share reflections from my sabbatical experience in the highly secularized culture of England.

Surrender as a Spiritual Practice

by Rev. Roger Bertschausen, 3/23/2014

Surrender is not a spiritual practice that Unitarian Universalists are inclined to embrace. Certainly there is a shadow side to it. But is there also some merit in surrender as an occasional spiritual practice?

The Shadow Side of Vulnerability

By Rev. Roger Bertschausen, 3/16/2014

Vulnerability is a popular value in Unitarian Universalism today. This is for good reason: it is a key to the spiritual life. But are there limits to vulnerability? Can it be unhelpful and even destructive?