Encountering the Buddha

by Rev. Cynthia Barnes Johnson

This Sunday, we welcome Rev. Cynthia Barnes Johnson, who was ordained by this congregation! She served UU congregations in Dallas, and Oklahoma City, before retiring to Door County. She’ll be preaching on “Encounters with the Buddha”- Imagine my surprise and delight when I had two Buddha-encounters at 10,700 feet — and then they kept on coming for awhile. I could hardly believe it myself. The religious imagination can be a good companion to the living of our lives.

Interdependence Day (aka Earth Day)

by the Green Sanctuary Team
Reflections from Doug Dorn, Heather Westley, Leslie Taylor, and Frank Vandehei

Offered by the Fellowship’s Green Sanctuary task force, the group appointed to guide our congregation’s efforts to honor the earth, this Earth Day weekend service will consider ways each and every one of us can positively impact the environment. Come for some guilt-free practical ideas and spiritual inspiration, rooted in our 7th UU principle of interdependence.

Pesach, Pottery and Perfectionism

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

The Jewish festival of Pesach, or the Passover, just ended but the themes of bondage and liberation are with us all year, Jewish or otherwise. The ancient story that gets told this time of year is about enslavement by an evil king. As modern people, which forces, habits or ideas force us to serve them in everyday life? Come to hear about one of Rev. Leah’s evil oppressors (spoiler alert: it’s in the service title) and how she tries to get free from it! You’ll have a chance to contribute to a special collection for Harbor House and enjoy the Schiller-Riggers’ family performance of the all ages story.

Expect the Unexpected

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy This Easter falls on April Fool’s Day, so let’s contemplate the power of “the unexpected,” and how we can use the surprising messages of Easter in our own lives.

Chosen By Complexity; A David and Goliath Story

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

It’s popular in Unitarian Universalism to think about our religious movement as a “chosen” faith. But what does that really mean? Chosen by whom and from among which options? When we focus only on personal choice, we can inadvertently hide and even devalue some of the ways our world helps us decide how to live. If we take a broader and more intentional view, we can celebrate the rich complexity of our individual journeys and even learn how to sustain and strengthen Unitarian Universalism.

What Would You Pay To Save a Life?

Listen to a powerful testimonial from Fellowship member, Rachel Raasch, about how the Fellowship saved her life, and why she chooses to support the Fellowship financially. Our stewardship theme this year is “Justice Starts Here.” We need a robust budget starting in the fall to ensure that we are well-staffed to welcome every person who walks through our doors. Your support just might save someone’s life.

Don’t forget that the end of our official stewardship season is coming to an end… Your pledge of financial support is due to the Fellowship by this Sunday, March 11. Every household needs to turn in a pledge form, even if your pledge is staying the same, and even if you are already enrolled in our automatic debit system. Thank you for your support!

Fellowship of Our Dreams

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Join us for a fun and meaningful all-ages service! Using the story of the Big Orange Splot, we will explore our individual and collective visions for the future of the Fellowship, and what happens when our intentions and dreams get foiled by others! There will be an exciting surprise… Don’t miss it!

Darwin Sunday: Demotion from the Center of the Universe

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

February 12th is the 209th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, and today we celebrate the legacy he contributed to– demoting humanity from the center of the universe! People have lamented that demotion (and others) for centuries. Come find out why it’s a wonderful thing!

What Would Francis David Do?

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

WWFDD? What would Francis David do? This Sunday we’ll celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda– the Transylvanian law of toleration that was enacted by the Unitarian King John Sigismund, inspired by his court preacher the Unitarian Francis David. The law, passed in 1568.

In Between Time

by Heather Westley, Fellowship Member, and Marie Luna, Congregational Life Coordinator

On this day between two years, we honor the space between no longer and not yet. We will consider the possible thresholds in our lives that we may be ready to step into through guided meditation and reflection.