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All services are on Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45. See the Religious Education page for information on our children’s and youth offerings.

April 7 Teaching and Learning Congregation by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy and Kim Hartman, Director of Religious Education

When we think about Religious Education, we often think of a particular program, a particular wing of our building, and lots of little kids. But what if our whole congregation was a teaching and learning laboratory for            lifelong growth in mind and spirit? Come explore the future of religious education with our director of religious education, Kim Hartman, and our senior minister, Christina Leone-Tracy.

April 14 Beyond Doom and Gloom; Rooting Justice Work in Joy by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

No matter where we might place ourselves on the political spectrum, it seems like there is always so much overwhelming bad news! It’s hardly fun or sustainable to try to make the world a better place when we are fueled primarily by sorrow and suffering. After all, beauty and hope do exist. Could joy be a resource in the work of justice? Judaism, one of our Unitarian Universalist source traditions, can offer us some insight about moving past doom and gloom. In particular, the Fetival of Passover might be able to help us root ourselves in something more positive, even as we face hardship.

April 21 Leaders and Followers by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

The Easter story is one of tragedy and celebration, but it’s also a story of leaders and followers. What does it mean to be a powerful follower? How can we help raise leaders as allies? And what the heck does Easter have to do with it? Come find out.

April 28 Earth Day with the Green Sanctuary JAM Team

Join us for an interactive service filled with ways to celebrate, honor, and help our planet Earth. This all-ages service is sure to be fun and meaningful.