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All services are on Sundays at 10:00 am unless otherwise noted. See the Religious Education page for information on our children’s and youth offerings.

July 7 Favorites by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg

Life has plenty of obnoxious circumstances. Most of us can readily list at least a few things that consistently annoy us. As a countermeasure, author T. Wise recommends a quick reset that he calls a “pet fave.” The opposite of a pet peeve, he defines a pet fave(orite) as “that kind of thing that we love because it’s just satisfying or on point.” This practice of recognizing the minor details that please us can ground us in small reminders of joy and connect us to one another in appreciation.

July 14 Beauty and My Ill-fated Kayaking Trip by Rev. Jim Coakley

Sometimes the universe gives you one of those perfectly beautiful days in which a sense of the sacred surrounds you everywhere. Unfortunately, at those very same moments our self-absorption and ego often won’t let us      appreciate it. Come let me tell you about one such day while kayaking a few summers ago.

July 21 Signs of Spiritual Maturity Part 2 by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

The Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons, a UU Humanist minister of over 35 years, proposes that the task of religious community (of any type) is to help us “grow up as spiritual people, where we learn to reach out toward a larger perspective and a new understanding.” She says spiritual maturity helps us develop a reflective ability to deal with the accidents and incidents of life. What are some of her 12 signs of spiritual maturity, drawn from spiritual   traditions around the world? We heard Part 1 of this sermon on March 10! Join us this week for Part 2.

July 28 Better Than Gold(en Rule) by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

Many of us have heard of the Golden Rule – “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.” But is there anything better than gold? What about platinum? Let’s talk about how we can do even better!