In Defense of Anger

by Rev. Leah Ongiri Rev. Leah grew up learning that anger is a deeply undesirable emotion. It’s dangerous, antisocial, immature, unhelpful, and to be squelched at all costs. This service will explore the opposite side(s) of anger. Does it have nuance—are there different kinds of being mad? Can being pissed off ever teach or help…

What We Have, What We Offer

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy Shame often rears its ugly head when we consider what we possess, and how we use it. Both our bodies and our money have been objects of societal shame for generations– how can we break that cycle and rejoice in what we have?

Healing with Imposter Syndrome

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy This month as we explore the concept of healing from shame, let’s explore the ways shame embeds itself in our own minds, often through the phenomenon of “imposter syndrome,” worrying that we don’t measure up to the opinions or expectations of others. Come, let’s free ourselves from imposter syndrome and celebrate…

Maladjusted to Injustice

Martin Luther once said, “There are some things in our social system that I’m proud to be maladjusted to, and I call upon you to be maladjusted to,” and he listed off the injustices of his time. On this all-ages celebration of Martin Luther King Day, we will hear a present-day fable reminding us never…

Addiction and Recovery

Reflections by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy and Jesse Heffernan As we move into our season of “Healing from Shame,” we will explore one area of human experience that touches almost everyone in some way: addiction. People who experience addiction are often shamed, denied support, or blamed. Come find out how to support people in your life…

Cycles and Seasons

by Marie Luna, Director of Congregational Life There are many ways we can observe and celebrate the cycles and seasons of the earth, and some cycles that we have created ourselves, including how this culture marks New Year’s Eve. Following the seasons and the opportunities they give us to start over can be meaningful and…

Finding Our Voice

by Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy What happens when you lose your voice? How does your voice reflect your identity? In this service we explore the beauty, fragility, and expressive power of our voices.

Generosity as Communication

Reflections by Scott Peeples, Dee Verkuilen, and Rev. Christina Leone-TracyUU Service Committee 2019 Greater Good Recipient, video message from Carly Cronon and Laura RandallAs we continue our theme of “healing through voice,” we honor that “voice” can go beyond literal speaking or singing– Generosity can be a form of communication, sharing our values beyond ourselves….

Connecting Through Voice

by Suzanne Marnocha, Kathryn Tollefson, and Mark Marnocha The theme for this season which begins this Sunday will be “Healing Through Voice.” We will enjoy an all-ages service filled with music, reflection, silence, and the spiritual practice of using our voices in song. Come connect in community and find your voice!

Roots and Wings

by Rev. Roger Bertschausen and Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy The UU hymn “Spirit of Life” reminds us to let our “roots hold us close and wings set us free.” We’ll be celebrating one of our Fellowship’s strongest roots–the Rev. Roger Bertschausen–at this celebration of his status as our emeritus minister and to honor his 26 years…