Beyond Categorical Thinking: The Van Gogh Cafe

by Rev. Keith Kron, UUA Transitions Director

Living our Unitarian Universalist values isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be. Often what we strive for is not what actually happens. How can we improve the odds that we will lead with our best values inside and outside our congregation? This sermon will explore these issues as they pertain to your next minister.

Fearful Words

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

There are some words we never say, but wish we had. There are some words that we’ve heard that we hope to never hear again. Whether in our daily and/or religious life, what are words that we can freely use, words that require explanation, and words that we never want to hear spoken in the Fellowship?

Afraid of Fear?

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

What, exactly, are we afraid of? The top fear that Americans report are corruption of government, followed by cyber terrorism and corporate tracking of personal data. However, Americans also report being afraid of insects, ghosts and speaking in public. The theme for this month is “Tell me a Story about a time when you faced your fears.” We’ll look together at both real and imagined fears and provide a useful, daily antidote to fear.

Hold a Lantern

by Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg Forgiveness is hard work, spiritually but also practically. Long ago the poet Rumi compared the process of taking responsibility, apologizing and making amends to holding up a lantern. In our second annual High Holy Days service, join us (Rev. Leah and Fellowship member Jaclyn Kottman, two lifelong Jewish Unitarian Universalists) as…

Heaven, Hell and Everything In Between

with Rev. Kathleen Rolenz Harpeth Rising is a a three-piece acoustic band whose music reflects age old questions of heaven, hell, fate and grace. Rev. Rolenz will weave her sermon around the lyrics of Harpeth Rising, who will perform in concert the night before. We’re excited to welcome this trio to the Fellowship’s Sunday morning…

Tell Me a Story

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz Our lives are made up of individual and overlapping stories. Sometimes we understand those stories, and other times we don’t know what they mean until we share our story with others. This year, our overarching theme will be to answer the question “Tell Me a Story About…” This particular service will…

A Service for All Ages Mingling of the Waters 2016

by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz and Rev. Leah Hart-Landsberg The Mingling of the Waters Service is an annual tradition at the Fellowship. Bring water from a special place you’ve been this summer (including from your own backyard!) and we’ll combine it into a common bowl as a way to symbolize how our many streams combine to meet…

Pickup Trucks and Priuses: Are we truly all welcome?

by Marie Blohowiak

While our mission statement states that we welcome everyone, does that really mean everyone? What if someone doesn’t listen to NPR? Or hunts? Or is Republican? As Congregational Life Coordinator, I want to believe that everyone who walks in the door will feel comfortable being their true self, and not have to hide any part of them. What are the ways we don’t realize we are making people uncomfortable?

Living in the ‘What If’?

by Dee Verkuilen

What if we lived life in “what ifs” (present and future)? Two words that have the potential to nudge, if not push, you from your comfort zone? Going beyond just a thought to entertain, and moving toward words and actions. Let’s explore some “what ifs”.